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When humpback whales migrating between Alaska and Hawaii become entangled in marine debris, a small network of well-trained volunteer rescuers risk their lives to save them.

Shot almost entirely on research cameras mounted on the helmets of rescuers themselves, this short documentary takes you into the boat within close range of the struggling whales.

The effort is led by the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary's Ed Lyman. He's the marine mammal response manager responsible for recruiting and training volunteers from Hawaii's local communities.

In Development

Today there are less than 1,100 Hawaiian Monk Seals in existence. In 2008 the animal was named the Hawaiian state mammal in an effort to bring visibility to the creature and to promote its protection.

Two populations of Monk Seals represent a critically endangered genus with multiple existing species groups. One group is in Hawaii, the other in the Mediterranean Sea. The Caribbean Monk Seal has become extinct, and without human attention and intervention, the rest of the genus is likely to follow.

AKUA films is raising financial support for a film that follows the efforts of a small group of people who struggle against the odds to preserve this special tropical pinniped.

To connect the filmmakers with your support network, please contact us at akuafilms@gmail.com, or connect with us on our About page.