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Mark is a successful entrepreneur. He’s worked with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation developing funding for special projects. Among his many wins, he’s recently led the charge to raise more than $15 million to build the Exploration Center in Santa Cruz, CA. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, stewards of the Exploration Center are nearly ready to move into the magnificent building in a prime location near the municipal pier in Santa Cruz.

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                  Mark DiOrio

                   Mara Kerr

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Mark DiOrio, Executive Producer

Mara Kerr, Executive Producer

Mara is not only passionate about the ocean, she puts her energy where her mouth is. She’s a published author (Oceanus), and marine advocate. Mara’s dream to promote the efforts of those who rescue humpback whales is what led to the production of In The Wake Of Giants, the award winning film premiered at film festivals around the world, and aired on PBS’s Natural Heroes.

Lou Douros, Producer/Director/Story

Lou has been producing, writing or directing film and video projects and other content for thirty years. He joined the executive producers of AKUA to lead the story effort for In The Wake Of Giants. Lou continues to work on a wide variety of projects in addition to the AKUA work in development. His website and blog can be found at www.loudouros.com.

Blaise Douros, Music

In collaboration with his father, Lou, Blaise entered the film In The Wake Of Giants’ music score at the 2010 Blue Ocean Film Festival. The nomination for “Best Original Score” was the first sign that the father-son production team meant business. Blaise composes music of any genre for film scores and other entertainment-oriented projects. To learn more about Blaise, visit his website at www.blaisedouros.com